Albee: Work of art that is not dangerous, a waste of time

Sunday, October 11, 2009
By Eugene Veselinov
Edward Albee worrying about a society that is afraid to be provoked. Problem for him is the commercialization of art, which is seen only as entertainment – it is important and what is meant by fun.

American playwright Edward Albee (pictured in Sofia) received the honorary title of Doctor Honoris Causa of the Academy Theater (VITIZ) as well as inform you OBZOR earlier. The author of over 30 plays and winner of three awards Pulitzer is our today for the premiere of his latest creation “which is a goat or Silvia at the National Theater” Ivan Vazov “. Direction is entrusted to Yavor Gurdev. For this piece Albee received the prestigious prize for drama “Tony”.

Sofia, 11 October 2009. Work of art that is not dangerous, a waste of time, thinks the world famous American playwright Edward Albee.
Yavor Gurdev has shown that he understood everything I wanted to say to play the goat, or what is Sylvia. “He used an interesting word” dangerous. “Creative, which is not dangerous, something wrong with it,” Olbia commented to reporters on the occasion of the show in his play, which makes director Yavor Gurdev scene of the chamber at the National Theater “Ivan Vazov”.
The premiere tonight are expected Koanie Martha, honorary president of the International Theater Institute – ITI. She is the initiator of the sketch in the academic body.
Michael Bilalov, who in 1994 lived in France, Martin plays a successful architect with a happy marriage and harmonious in every respect, who suddenly falls in love with a goat. Boika Velkova is the role of his wife, Stevie – beautiful, subtle and intelligent woman. Julian Ross Vergov is – the best friend of Martin since childhood, which, however, in the words of Olbia much has changed since he became a TV host, and is therefore not surprising that forward Martin. Ivo Arakov, a student at the 3rd course in debut with Atanas Atanasov, a Billy – the son of Martin and Stevie, whom they call strange, but it is defined as gay.
Set and costumes are by Nikola Toromanov, music – the Kalin Nikolov.
“I changed none of the team. It is easy to author with such brilliant actors – are incredible. The director also its good. Magnificent is the work of others,” commented Edward Albee.
“To deal with tragedy, you must above all courage. Only allows artists to touch beyond prohibited realities. Putting tragedy and touch up the fear and guilt,” said Yavor Gurdev. Director “recognizes” that was afraid to call “goat…” Although requested to do so as soon as it read in 2005
“I always feel guilty when I set – it is not particularly instructive spectacle. The important thing is not what is right in the play, but to put us in a situation in which we are forced to decide to choose.” Goat. . . Is a dangerous dance on the edge between good and evil in which we must inevitably be determined.
Complex work they put in complex situations are important. Works dealing with ethical problems, not the aesthetic, are great for me, “explains Yavor Gurdev.
For him, the theme of “goat…” Is all about loneliness, otherness. The play also shows how sometimes in man is reborn something wild, Dionysian, izvankulturno. Tragedy genre in general is about people, not wishful thinking that the centuries-old cultural layers have dulled the instincts and are distant from human safe distance from the inner elements, says the director.
Edward Albee in his own words, worrying about a society that is afraid to be provoked. Problem for him is the commercialization of art, which is seen only as entertainment. It is important and what is meant by fun.
“Some go to the theater with hope that nothing will happen to them, it will not have to think. For them, fun is something hollow. I prefer things that make me meditate. But increasingly commercial theater us let you out of the show as we – not our worry or surprise. Often such performances have commercial success, but they destroy the culture itself, is convinced Albee.
“I am deeply offended if some people do not go out of my performances in plays – especially on Broadway,” says the playwright. He was struck by the fact that the performance of the goat… In New York for several spectators did not come out when Martin says he is in love with a goat, or reply that the Lord has committed suicide, where Billy kissed his father mouth.
“I was shocked by this absurd and primitivism. I wanted to shout:” People, have you grown! “- Albee story.
“I can not predict the reaction of the audience. I think people should be reasonable and have reasonable answers to what is happening. I keep to agree with me. One has to fight a society that is becoming more tangible – to irradiate it with spirituality. Do not write plays that people want to see and things which need to look and start to think differently about them – the playwright explains.
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