Bulgarian-Americans demanded diplomatic isolation for the government of PM Oresharsky


Българо-американските отношения водят своето начало официално от 1903 г.Те претърпяват редица промени – от мисионерска дейност и американска подкрепа в борбата за независимост на България в края на 19 век, разширяване на търговските отношения в началото на 20 век, враждебност през Първата световна война, открити военни действия и бомбардировки през Втората световна война до идеологически сблъсък през Студената война, партньорство на България със САЩ и НАТО и все по-здрави политически, военни и икономически връзки в началото на 21 век.

Bulgarian-American relations, first formally established in 1903, have moved from missionary activity and American support for Bulgarian independence in the late 19th century to the growth of trade and commerce in the early 20th century, to reluctant hostility during World War I and open war and bombardment in World War II, to ideological confrontation during the Cold War, to partnership with the United States in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and growing political, military and economic ties in the beginning of the 21st century.

Today to start mass sending four letters to U.S. government agencies – U.S. Vice President, the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Senate, State Department and Congress

August 14, 2013 Appeal for Bulgarians in USA for diplomatic isolation of the Government of Oresharsky today was made by the new initiative in the social network called “The international isolation of the government – letters to American institutions”, first announced bulgarica.com.

Today to start mass sending four letters to U.S. government agencies, call the organizers as published and ready forms in which to complete the names and be printed and sent separately to the institutions – Vice President Joe Biden | The White House, US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, US Department of State, The United States House of Representatives.

“We are calling for a boycott and diplomatic isolation of representatives of the Bulgarian government, who are elected by the current parliament, and this will continue until new elections provide a chance for Bulgaria”. This is the main application written in today’s initiative for” mass-mailing “of the Bulgarians in the USA, which was announced on Vera Jordanova from Boston. 

The organizers offered to all comers and to modify the text, according to their predtsenka the forms in Word format to have maximum impact. 

Such emails will be sent to Europe, and elsewhere where Bulgarians as part of the # DANSwithmeGlobal, says the message. Applicants are invited to share, whether they are able to send letters and responses.

Protests of the Bulgarian-Americans against the current Bulgarian government of Prime Minister Oresharski last more than 10 weeks in cities with a large concentration of Bulgarians in the USA.

According to unofficial data Bulgarians living in the U.S. are over 350,000 people. This number is confirmed by our ten years of experience as one of the few media in Bulgarian language in the U.S., as well as from personal contacts and continuous communications in the social network. The biggest population in US is in the region of “the Capital of Bulgaria in the USA” – Chicago (over 100,000), followed by California, mostly Los Angeles (75,000) and New York (more than 10,000).

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