The director of HP Sasha Bezuhanova was reelected to the Board of the European Center for Women and Technology

Bulgarian patroness of European women and technology center

Friday, October 9, 2009
By Eugene Veselinov
Successful Bulgarian woman – Mystery or vocation

Photo: Sasha Bezuhanova, Managing Director of HP Bulgaria and Boyko Borisov, She is able to negotiate successful public private partnerships. Text to Photo: Capital

The director of HP Sasha Bezuhanova was reelected to the Board of the European Center for Women and Technology

Only 38% of women using the Internet in Bulgaria
Shortage of the 300,000 skilled employees in Europe
“Men are still afraid of successful women!”

Sofia, 9 October 2009. Sasha Bezuhanova – Director of Public Administration at the company “Hewlett-Packard / HP / Central and Eastern Europe was re-elected member of the Governing Council of the Organization European Center for Women and Technology, told BTA.
General Assembly Center, which is under the auspices of the European Commission, gathered more than 130 women in managerial positions in companies such as HP, Microsoft, Motorola, Orange, Alcatel Lucent, leaders of NGOs and government institutions, says the message.
This year and next year unemployment in the euro area is expected to pass the 10% limit, while in the field of ICT / ICT / in Europe is expected shortage of 300 000 skilled employees.
So our main task will be to promote the learning of ICT and more women enter the labor market in the sector, has told the meeting Bezuhanova.
According to research out of the forum there were significant differences between European countries – while 81 per cent of women in the Netherlands from 16 to 24 years enjoy free Internet technologies in Bulgaria, this percentage was only 38.
At the dawn of the transition Sasha Bezuhanova push pram between tents in the City of Truth, where he is settled with her husband in support of democracy. Today manages business destki billion.

As little Sasha Bezuhanova mechtae to become a good dancer, not professional, but to be the best and plays the lead role. 4 years ballet play is often more in the ensemble. Now, however, on many fronts takes the role of soloist and ensemble dream to achieve a good mix and performance to complete successfully. It is important to work systematically man without making an account that investment must necessarily be equal to the proceeds. It is also important to have a man and a little luck. Convinced that when one works over themselves when it interests you, happy chance neminiuemo intercept him and he made a qualitative leap, the important step. To make a successful career, it is important to follow a bearish man, to be free in their choice to do what excites him and who can achieve dobrar result, says the secret of his success Sasha Bezuhanova. Successful career for me is the freedom to choose one, willingness to work systematically and to prepare for the moment when the fluke will offer him opportunities which it has prepared a long time. Just at certain stages of my life so happened. So here I come! Photo: Fashion and Lifestyle sp.PIK

General Director of Hewlett Packard Bulgaria, Sasha Bezuhanova responsible for the business of Hewlett-Packard with public administrations in 27 countries from central and eastern Europe, which constitute over 50% of the company’s revenues by industrial sectors in the region.
Her responsibilities include sales and marketing of systems and technology solutions in security, defense, public finance, health and e-governance.
Hewlett-Packard is the undisputed leader in the region, whose total IT market is measured at 60.7 billion dollars, with a market share twice larger than her next competitor. One of the most promising IT markets in the region which meets Mrs. Bezuhanova is that of Russia – equivalent to 25 billion dollars. In the power of Mrs. Bezuhanova also have trade relationships with the company medunarodni financial institutions like the World Bank and NATO, institutions within the European Union, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and NGOs.

It is important on its way to a man has the support of loved ones and understanding about what he himself, to seek what is said Sasha Bezuhanova. I got a good family, my husband is a very valuable person and have a wonderful child – Lubomila. her husband owe much that tolerate everything. I think I am lucky. If there is love, mutual trust and partnership, if there is an understanding of who is the man to the other and it is important for him to get things.

Bezuhanova Sasha graduated from the Technical University in Sofia in electrical engineering. She began her career at Hewlett Packard in 1994 as manager of the Department of Computing in S & T Bulgaria, authorized distributor and service center for Hewlett Packard Bulgaria. In November 1995 Sasha was appointed Managing Director of S & T Balgariya.Prez 1998 Hewlett Packard Establishes Presence in Bulgaria and Sasha has chosen to Bezuhanova Managing Director of Hewlett Packard Bulgaria. Since then, under her leadership Hewlett Packard Bulgaria is the best and most successful IT company in the country.
For their exceptional contribution she received many prestigious awards for the best manager in the company and outside organizations such as IDG, the foundation “Eureka”, Business World and others. Actively participates in many public organizations. He is currently president of BIBA, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Junior Achievement of Bulgaria, President of Cluster information and communication technologies, member of the Trustees of the American University in Bulgaria, a board member of the Schools On-line, a board member of Foundation Open Society, a member of the international community Who”s who professionals.
Honorary Consul of Luxembourg is in Bulgaria.
PERSONAL: Cut ears of her ancestors whether the family name

DISMISSAL DIFFICULT! is one of the maxims of Bezuhanova. In Seattle played rychenica dinner organized by the government of Washington, where she welcomed her with bread and salt, tarator, accurate and pastry balls. 7-year helped his grandmother in the preparation of Sasha in sweet cherries. Pere “on hand” for pleasure. “Deceived” his father told him not having the diagnosis of severe disease. The only woman – Managing Director of HP Europe, Middle East and Africa was “none of the time when the married man 5 months before it stopped on the street and do not regret that decision.

Sasha was born in Pernik, zodiac sign Libra. She graduated with full honors from the German School in Sofia. Her dream was to follow international economic relations, but in this specialty is not triggered without proof “bright past and opted for electronic equipment in the Technical University of Lenin. After graduate work in excellent tion. After motherhood decided not to return to the institute. Remains true to his old dream. In her words to the media “gets in foreign trade from the back door.” At the beginning of 1994 working in Germany Bezuhanova company Helige, which is a major competitor Hewlett-Packard in the field of electronic medical devices. Forthcoming meeting with her boss of a hospital to negotiate supply of any equipment. The surgeon wanted a meeting with a representative of the distributor of Hewlett-Packard, but confused and cried both competitors in the same hour. He went on to be slow and there long. Enough to save a human life and to pay a professional career. Because in the conversation with Mrs. competitor Bezuhanova was offered to work for Hewlett-Packard.
Her work day begins at 8.30 and ends at 22 hours. Rest of the year twice in one week. Head of the family also has a business related to the distribution of computer consumables. In the little time that it remains Sasha prefers to be with his daughter Lubomila which is 12 years. A weekday visit to the small office with my mom. Known to all employees. Moves in its waters, especially the computer. Lubomila is manifested as editor of the Journal Esparta, edition of the school who attended.
Sasha Bezuhanova nothing Russian in their blood. One of her ancestors rebels hiding in a high Inn in Elena Balkan. Turks understood him to drop in the village and cut off his ears. Hence is non-traditional family. Otherwise, the spirit to win inherited from his father. “He was a strong man,” recalls Ms. Bezuhanova. She has an older brother who is her best friend.
Quote from Ms. Bezuhanova selected by the editorial:
“Companies come for cheap labor, but will remain for brains”

“It’s hard fired!”

“Only money and even programs can not resolve anything. There is a triangle that should be in balance – science, education, innovation. Smart countries extend their time competing with investment in qualified professionals in a modern infrastructure, cutting-edge creative mechanisms to attract capital. Business is very pragmatic and impolitic. Businesses are not appropriate and should not hold political positions or party in a conflict in which we can not play any role. Rather, an intelligent position is to analyze and develop opportunities for its projection in various countries and regions. With the state should pursue a policy of good positioning of the Bulgarian business. ”