Spaska out – do not enter the Macedonians!

Boyko Borisov: “They mocked us! What is this system released in which a mother with infant will lie in prison? Macedonia will do even more for his attachments! Bulgaria and myself will repeatedly and personally remind them!”
Sofia / Skopje, 8 October 2009. The Bulgarian Spaska Mitrova this morning has been released from prison in Skopje, told BTA. The news was confirmed by telephone from managing Bulgaria’s ambassador to Macedonia, Angel Angelov.
He explained that Mitrova is currently in the building of the embassy in Skopje. According to him, its forthcoming talks with lawyers.
Mitrova was serving a sentence at the beginning of August.
With the conviction of 10 July last year, which came into force on December 3, 2008, Spaska Mitrova was sentenced to 3 months imprisonment for revocation of a minor child. The verdict was confirmed by the Court of Appeal, December 3, 2008
He was sentenced by the court received Gevgelija in order to appear for serving his sentence in prison in Idrizovo on 10 March this year, but her request for a deferred sentence is 3 months and the court ordered Mitrova to go to jail on June 14.
Mitrova appealed the decision but the appeal was dismissed on June 8.
Since Mitrova not appeared on July 14 for serving his sentence, the court issued its decision on the compulsory removal and detention in prison. Mitrova was taken to jail on July 30, stated in a message to the Macedonian Ministry of Justice in August this year, the agency quoted by the Macedonian Information Agency (MIA).
Minister without portfolio Bozidar Dimitrov announced for BTA, it was informed of the release today of Spaska Mitrova. Zivko Chavdarov lawyer who is a relative of Mitrova, sent an email with the text: “Spaska come”, Minister Dimitrov.
President Georgi Parvanov was welcomed with relief the news of the release of Spaska Mitrova, pressekretariata announced by the head of state. At the same time Parvanov believes that it is too late and have a rather symbolic nature. The president expressed confidence that soon the case will be finally closed in the name of a good child Spaska Mitrova. Presidential institution is ready, together with other Bulgarian institutions to assist the Spaska Mitrova on Bulgarian territory. According to President Parvanov in the interest of the neighborhood is to prevent similar cases which may cast a shadow on the Bulgarian-Macedonian relations.
I am happy that the Spaska Mitrova is released, the Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, quoted by BTA. Several times I talked to the Prime Minister of Macedonia, Borissov said. Very pleased when I realized that was released and probably will still see her tomorrow, he added. I regret that the Macedonian government and the Macedonian state ever approached in this way. Bulgarian diplomacy do everything, added the prime minister. He said that the Bulgarian side had needed silence to no reproach to any interference. Borisov said he had prayed to the Macedonian side as friends and neighbors, but there
“have mocked us.
Their justification is the judicial system, the prime minister said. He added that
does not understand what this system is that the infant with the mother decided to be in jail. Boyko Borisov, adding that Macedonia would be waiting much help yet from Bulgaria for the “forthcoming accessions ( Prime Minister refers to the forthcoming accession of Macedonia in the European Union (EU) and insist that any agreement of the States, m / t which is Bulgaria) and added that of Bulgaria and by him repeatedly that they will be reminded.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs / MFA / is disappointed by the belated release of Spaska Mitrova, said in a statement of the spokesman of the department. All Bulgarian institutions have made enormous efforts to beat the Macedonian side for the early release of Mitrova what about their “biggest disappointment” has happened later than expected.

Expression of the Macedonian authorities act in good faith causes relief among the Bulgarian public, but the mere fact that the decision is an expression of political will, asks why it did not happen earlier, to be saved a human tragedy, “says in the message.