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Wednesday, September 16, 2009
By Eugene Veselinov
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On September 19 (Saturday) at 9:00 am the doors of the school will be open to all who want to see also a quiz for students enrolled for the determination of class

Any help with what may – in the Los Angeles school will have at any price, in any way possible for the organizers! Children of Bulgaria will not leave! However, this depends on the parents, ourselves, can do it! If no parents willing, there will be taught and children!

September 15 2009. It is a day that none of us will forget. Day, who has so much meaning and joy to all, it’s so real and genuine to us “mature” so human and full of love and hope for children. One of the most important days in our lives because we learn life.

The first day of school – how can you compare a man? Perhaps only with the resurrection!

This Sunday, September 13 in Los Angeles, California was officially declared the opening of the Bulgarian school, named on world famous writer and poet Ivan Vazov, which begins classes next Saturday September 19th.

The school is jointly organized by the Foundation for BulgariCA “distribution of Bulgarian culture and literature in California and the United States and the Bulgarian Orthodox Church” St. George “in Los Angeles. SURVEY – The first printed edition of the Bulgarian language in the West Bank in the U.S. and on-line version of its www.bulgarica.com are the product of the Foundation, a church is the oldest temple was born here. The initiative is the journalist Yevgeny Veselinov, gl.redaktor the media.

On 13 September Ms Zhivka Kostova, a teacher with extensive experience in Bulgaria, now in the “Ivan Vazov”, the story of attending a program in which ше teach children. Next to it are (from left to right) Konstantinski Bishop Cyril, who served in the Temple “St. George”, the President of the Church Dr. Vesko and director of the school Evgeni Vesselinov. Hall Baikushev Nicolas, on the second floor of the Temple has enough venues for classes and will be equipped with computers and wireless Internet. Photo: Nikolay Kostov
President of our church only with gilded dome in the U.S. Dr. Veselin provide free lunch to celebrate the opening of the school and the inauguration of the new priest – Bishop Cyril. Strongly present to present nearly one hundred teachers, one of Ms. Kostova Zhivka with long experience of Bulgaria. The church provides space for conducting classes, and the Foundation assumes the entire organization and personnel.

School “Ivan Vazov” in Los Angeles, California was admitted as a member of the Association of Bulgarian Schools Abroad.
The main purpose of school is to preserve the Bulgarian language and culture of our compatriots in Los Angeles. Program that will work “Ivan Vazov” complies with the requirements of the Ministry of Education and consistent with that of the school “John Atanasov” in Chicago, which is licensed for a Bulgarian diplomat, for this to happen in Los Angeles . Ako revenue from donations increase enough to be in a Bulgarian izprateno elite school or college that has not happened ever, despite the existence of three long Bulgarian public organizations.

Among those present for the celebration were many young families who registered their children. Our patriotic compatriots and businessmen made donations, including freight forwarding company for shipments to Bulgaria and to the whole world, which finance website and the transport of books from Bulgaria. Others employ the purchase of books and teaching aids, construction of special T-shirts for children and parents, banner and sign for the school, stickers for cars, and other assistance. Our printing company here takes over the printing of all materials needed for children and special children’s calendar. Elite programmer from Orange County, our compatriot, will help to build on the school web space. Each of those present expressed their willingness to help with whatever they can. Additionally received more calls for assistance.

On Saturday, arriving from Bulgaria first complete sets of textbooks, notebooks and tools tailored to the program of the Ministry of Education.

Mayor of Plovdiv Mr. Slavcho Atanasov provide books for school 40 “Patriotic Primer,” a special edition of VMRO, which is distributed in Bulgaria. And this is the first “visit” abroad for cheerful reading.
Agency for Bulgarians Abroad (ABCH) donated 30 historic wall maps and many children’s books and support materials for little children who have already been delivered. Address particular letter was sent by Raina Mandjoukov chairwoman. It is expected that Ms. Mandjoukov to arrive in the United States and to visit Los Angeles, and additionally by ABCH will confirm her trip to America.

Personally Bozidar Dimitrov, Minister for Bulgarians abroad, also sent a message expressing his “joy and full support for the initiative.” “What you need and we are opposite. Do not give up on anybody, especially when it is something that gathers Bulgarians and is related to Bulgarian national and culture, “says the message. Mr. Dimitrov has conducted a detailed telephone conversation with Evgeni Vesselinov, the problems of the Bulgarians living in California, especially Los Angeles, as explicitly confirmed its position on the school.

U.S. Congressman Javier Besser, responsible for 31 district (Hollywood) in California, the region in which the church “St. George” and longtime admirer of the Bulgarian culture pledged greater support for the school “Ivan Vazov”. Mr. Besser is in the U.S. Senate since 1992. and currently hold positions of responsibility in public administration. On March 3 this year was especially Javier Besser invited to adopt a national holiday in our embassy in Washington.

Obyavyavavaneto celebration of the opening of a Bulgarian school in Los Angeles was not upheld by the official representative of Sofia in the City of Angels.

We are not then “red carpet” and we have not summoned the media, but I think the reason it is worth. We want this to be our birthplace!

Before the week was organized a charity concert to raise funds for the school to which you know. Singer Polly Paskova particular read a congratulatory letter sent by Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, who was the first prime minister of Bulgaria abroad.

Ms. Magdalena Andonova of Plovdiv, music and public pedgog, pianist and conductor of children’s vocal groups donate to their school song. Wrote a new arrangement as soon as it realized that creating a Bulgarian school here. Songs is called “School Hymn” (Walton High School) with the author of the text Myrtle Nikolova Magdalena Andonova music, arrangement Rumen Angelov and M. Andonova.


The melody is performed for 1st time on 24 May in celebration of Asenovgrad the 120-year anniversary of school Secondary School St. Cyril and Methodius “there. Not going out on air. “I dedicate this song to my mother, who is sloppy few days ago and the children with you, where is my child,” said Andonova. Her daughter Maria Andoni is a student at one of the most prestigious music schools in the U.S. – Aydaluayld in California, majoring in string bass in the class of the world famous musician and dirgent Isaac Perlman. Young talent has been selected for competition and received a scholarship award for education. Perlman, who plays the oath of President Obama plovdichankata liked and insisted her to get proper education.

Despite the difficulties of school time the Bulgarian Church and are confident that we will go forward together, united for thought for local good work and good organization created and given support by the Bulgarian community in Los Angeles as well as representatives of official authorities in Bulgaria and the United States. Management of the organization, we sincerely hope for a moral and organizational support of the new government and NGOs in Bulgaria.

Most urgent is the need for urgent delivery of a large number of books pre-school age to 5th grade teacher and second groups of larger ones.

Classes in school “Ivan Vazov” will be held every Saturday from 9:00 am to 1:00 PM. That time will contain 4 hours and 45 minutes in breaks.


Molba Ivan Vazov School LA

Molba Ivan Vazov School LA


http://www. bulgarica .com / vazov-app

Send requests to address for correspondence or take them with you when you poseshtenivto Bulgarian school “Ivan Vazov” in Los Angeles.

The address for conducting classes of the school is: 150 S. Alexandria Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90004 (corner of 2nd St. & Alexandria, two blocks east of Normandie – from 101 freeway, exit on exit Normandie and go to the South, 10 of the same name of the exit and go North from Beverly Hills, Westwood, Santa Monica & Downtown can use Wilshire Blvd. and then turn north on Normandie) See larger map

Address for correspondence: Ivan Vazov – Bulgarian school LA, PO BOX 291,661, Los Angeles, CA 90,029

Tel: +1 213-272-0568 Fax: +1 323-953-3555

Email: ivanvazovla@gmail.com, bulgarica@gmail.com


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