Stress kills 1/6-th of Bulgarians

Stress kills 1/6-th of Bulgarians
Wednesday, October 7, 2009
By Eugene Veselinov
In October intensify depression
What are the symptoms? Who slap us especially – in Los Angeles?
Tips against stress
Sofia, Los Angeles, 7 October 2009. Up to 15% of Bulgarians are suffering from various forms of depression, said Prof Vihra Milanova, national consultant and head of psychiatry department of psychiatry at Alexandrovska hospital in Sofia, quoted by BTA.
About 9 percent of them suffer from periodic depression or known. biopolyarno affective disorder / manic depression and /.
Depression is usually worsen in late October or November, and in late February and early March. At the latitude of Bulgaria seasonal depression most often occur spring and autumn. During these two transitional seasons is an exacerbation of existing depression or new onset of depression, explained Prof. Milanova.
The symptoms are depressed mood, loss of enjoyment of experiences, decreased energy, decreased concentration, slowed thinking, indecisiveness. Very often one of the first symptoms is insomnia. Depressive sleep is difficult, it is pulled sleep, wakes up early with the feeling that sleep is not in breach of his appetite is, losing weight. The incidence of depression is higher among people with mental illness, said Prof Milanova.
Depression in the autumn due to the reduction of the day and increasing the dark part of day at which physiological mechanism affected the mood. This is due to partial reduction of enzyme in the body melatonin, a hormone known as mood and sleep. Melatonin helps to maintain tone, good mood.
This violates seasons in which increased duration of the night – autumn and winter, usually in October and November. Therefore, the incidence of depression was highest in the Nordic countries. In countries south of the Equator, people suffer less from depression, explained the expert.

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One of the new methods for dealing with seasonal depression is called. light therapy, which aims to increase melatonin in the body seeking the effect of natural sunlight. Coincidence in the northern Scandinavian countries everywhere have strip lighting, which gives the effect of natural daylight, explained Prof. Milanova.
Another modern approach to drug therapy is a new generation of drugs that affect receptors that absorb melatonin. The choice of drugs for treating depression is very broad. The new generation antidepressants have side effects such as fatigue and weakness, characteristic of their predecessors of 10 years ago, said Prof. Milanova. Antidepressants to take some time and after depression resolves to prevent its return. Often they are prescribed and preventive.
When a person feels depressed for a long time, more than a week, felt when that hard and does everything it requires more effort and tension than usual, especially when they disrupt his sleep, you should seek professional help, explained Prof. Milanova. It is important to take measures especially when these conditions start to be repeated, she said.
Special assistance can have a psychiatrist who is most competent to recommend treatment, most can be properly dosed drugs and monitor their adoption, said Vihra Milanova. Depression still average between three and six months, but if they seek medical help, these conditions can be overcome and for a short time, she added.
Women are more vulnerable to depression than men. Women-men ratio is two to one.
The reasons for this are complex – hormonal, biological and emotional. Women much more painful response to stress. Most often, they developed depression after birth. Nearly half of the women shortly after delivery for different periods of time are experiencing depression, said a specialist.
Depression are often genetic, such conditions often develop people placed in socially disadvantaged – unemployed and surviving stress.
Depressed person is important to realize that there is a problem and should seek its solution. He should also know that depression is a temporary condition and passes, said Professor Milanova. It is important that people be prepared for negative emotions, rather than fall into self-pity “why this is happening just to me. This is of course extremely difficult stress and always surprising, said the expert.
In psychiatric disorders generally seek the assistance of the Bulgarian neurologist, not a psychiatrist, for fear of the question “what will people think.” Our society is intolerant to people who have similar problems, thus avoiding the demand for specialized care, says Professor Milanova.
Overcoming called. stigma of mental illness or, generally speaking, acceptance of people with mental health problems is a matter of a longer period of time, the specialist said.

How does the stress of the human organism? Image from newspaper UASHINGTAN Times (click on it to enlarge)

We would like to add something to the studies of Obzor Professor Milanova related to local conditions in Los Angeles, an area known for great traffic.
Exhaust gases from vehicles, even in small amounts, causes brain stress, which affects the human oranizma shows Dutch study, which only confirms the studies of American universities, which are rarely published in U.S. newspapers. The study involved ten volunteers who were subjected to diesel exhaust fume over 1 hour. Then the project manager, Paul Borman of Dutch universities Zuyd, examined the state of their brains and compared it with that of the control group breathed air. According to the survey is 30 minutes drive are sufficient to show brain stress. This was such an 1-survey conducted in March 2008. Which shows how the inhaled fumes from cars affect brain activity. Diesel vapor in the experiment were much lower concentration than in cities in which to move hundreds of cars, the researchers state.
Stress, not exhaust fumes, and direct cause diseases of the body due to impaired normal metabolism and access to vitamins and other needed chemicals and elements of the body. “Good” is an example of skin psoriasis or dermatitis visionary, proven by scientists in Germany and Canada. So the spots and itch are not only poisoning or internal medicine. In other words – violates the immune system!
We must not forget the stress that residents receive in the United States, on receipt of accounts.
And that the momentary stress is inherent in life and it’s pretty stupid to try to izvarlim of everyday life and to live in absolute peace. It is simply impossible, especially in America. And our bodies so arranged that moves the momentary stress hormone the body makes it more suitable for life. Need to fear a prolonged and severe stress. If you’re depressed for days and our minds are spinning the same intrusive thoughts of the trouble that we are landed or accompany us daily, it is already testing for the organism. Starts chronic fatigue, neurosis come and Disease of the stomach, colon, gall bladder. Our pee often, we are thirsty, excessive appetite and its loss for a long time, not our sex, we do not see well, etc. And because the body’s immune defense collapsed in deep stress, we are prey to any infection, but also for tumors.

There are quite a recipe against serious stress.
* Learn to reject the troubles of the mind. The human brain is terribly useful properties to forget – use it, I tell myself: “What the hell happened? So this is not the most important thing in life!”
* Do not act like a drowning man job. Admittedly, it is, especially in the U.S.. But if it brings you nothing but trouble and you do not meet professional, it is a bad job! Even some time to be unemployed, it will be better. Because after a while you will have to leave your sick! Perhaps forever! And then?
Better use the time to enrich their language or to call additional qualifications. Even in areas that you seem very distant.
* Young families can take to make a child. So nice there is hardly a commitment to another world! Both unloaded and loaded, forget all that crap. I say this from personal experience.
* Take your pet. Board weird, huh? But according to German research scientists, people who have pets live longer. Because land in the care of the animal and feel loved.
* Meet with your fellow countrymen! As much as you do not or will not have time! As rarely happens – worth it! None shall make you better understand them! But if you have friends Bulgaria – is this is already something! But be careful with whom!
* Avoid meetings with the NEGATIVE PEOPLE! Това ви натоварва допълнително! Do not you reach your problems?
* Run from CAD! He will finish! Better talk to a madman, because it has a pill, but for simplicity does not believe it!
* Believe in your half! Only with trust and respect is needed so you receive communication to relax from the stress of the rest! The man who is near you, you should not complain or you calm – he should join and experiences with you what happened. Let me ask provocative questions, not those who answer “yes” or “no.” Or do you “squashing” extra! Do not just talk about the sublime love and close to normal human relations and communications. Revelation and quiet!

Human life is a series of ups and downs. But can you forget how you were with a man, how are you glad you cried, slept and did not know what else … although at one point something happened and have taken different directions. And how can pochnesh then talk bad about it – hey тва can not understand …

* How can I forget? What do you want to forget? The day when you spin? Unpleasant conversation with a colleague? Quarrel with a friend (ka)?
Imagine having trouble these pictures. You can even sketching them in detail or to describe what happened. Close your eyes for several minutes. Then light a paper or tear her tiny pieces. Discard leftovers – they do not need! and those in your mind!
Back to childhood – to play! This is the method recommended by psychologists and is associated with tactile memory. Get a 10 small boards with different surfaces: leather, paper, cotton cloth, wax, etc. Close your eyes and touch each one of them, remember in what sequence they are lying. Again displaced them and stack them in the original order. Every surface produces a pleasant or unpleasant memories: a injured knee, for fondling a cat for skating on ice … Then stack the boards in another sequence – the most unpleasant feeling to the most pleasant.
* For finish. In the presence of stress may reduce the overall tension and without changing anything. May be used in different ways: meditation through music or through special breathing techniques. In this case, it is useful and heavy exercise, ie concentration on heavy physical work where you do not have time to think and forces on the issues. When stress is useful to change the workplace, the apartment, the usual circle of friends. Coming out of the ordinary environment, you will be able to put the troubles in the background.
Do not forget muscle stress. The two basic words in sport are stress and adaptation. Workout with weights is a type of stress, which occurs when damage to muscle fibers (decay of akto-myositis). While relaxing the body synthesizes new to fix damaged. This is a process that consumes large amounts of energy and mobilize almost all organs and systems. That’s why I say that after training with weights metabolism remains elevated for hours. But the body does not just stop with the repair, but is secured against the following stress such as increased muscle tissue, ie adapts to the attached load (stress). This is called svrahvazstanovyavane and it needs both time and sufficient quality food resources and recreation. When provedzhate after training processes before they have completed svrahvazstanovyavane increase the risk of overtrain.

Japanese hook for happiness

Hope we were helpful!
Without stress and with many happy moments!
Nepokis happier and more!
Do not forget that the development of memory is not simply a set of techniques for easier memorizing of facts, which undoubtedly is very important nowadays. It has been shown that people with higher intellectual capacity to lead a quality life and much easier to recover. Fact is also that among the symptoms of depression are worsening memory and concentration of attention. Research in this direction might help in the future, notably the fight against depression and diseases affecting memory, which are among the current problems of our times. NOT commit suicide because of problems of others and THEIR MADNESS!