Bell instead of bell school in Bulgarian school in LA

Saturday, September 26, 2009
By Eugene Veselinov
Regular classes continue at Bulgarian School “Ivan Vazov” – arrived with new textbooks and aids
MISSING another teacher
Teachers and parents are starting to children removed every Saturday while to gather enough promised to sponsor a van
The first classes at the Ivan Vazov had passed Saturday 19 September from 9:00 to 1:00, and so will continue each week. Were pre-enrolled 15 children, but for the first day of school came 8. Only one of them is greater than 5 class. There were two adults who wished to learn Bulgarian.
Real “Ivan Vazov” opened earlier Friday, during the holiday free lunch by the chairman of trustees of the Church “St. George” for parents and for the inauguration of the new spiritual person to whom you saoshtihme earlier.
Surprises on the first day of school always has. Cooked to meet the students, but at the last moment it turned out that we have forgotten bell. Actually looking for one, but never succeeded. The priest save the situation – Konstantinski Bishop Cyril, who both stayed somewhere and suddenly we heard the bell ring. Father Bishop said that “there was probably a bell for 10 years.”

Parents of children wanted to see all the textbooks for their children. Teacher Zhivka Kostova showing and explaining the lessons included in the program of “Ivan Vazov”, corresponding to those in Bulgaria, approved by the Ministry of Education for a Bulgarian diplomat.

Was very emotional to watch the children jumping merrily, mothers are baptized and all looking upstream. Izlagatsiya little, but it was fun. As a boy said – “Well, it was his fen here!”
“St. George” is our only church bell with “West” in the U.S., with gilded dome and purpose in America.
On the wall beside the entrance to the holy place has been suspended and a label with the name and image of the patron the great Bulgarian writer Ivan Vazov.
School “Ivan Vazov” in Los Angeles SEARCH another teacher.
After the inconvenience of shared rzstoyaniyata in Los Angeles, teachers, parents and volunteers will start every Saturday removed the children, while children gather enough promised to sponsor a van. Currently available are four cars, but will be further naprvyat schedules and routes. The first goes to the children from Riverside.
During the week it became clear that there is already finished a course in artistic gymnastics with our trenaor saztezatelka known in the past, which will also provide a van for removal of the willing to lobby. In addition to this sport for zanimalnite (emergency after regular hours), as we told you, is ready for other activities.
On-line for attending REQUEST: http://www. Bulgarica .com / vazov-app
REQUEST FROM HERE DOWNLOAD: (. Doc &. Pdf format) Molba Ivan Vazov School LA Molba Ivan Vazov School LA

RECALLING the Bulgarian School in Los Angeles

People: ADDRESS OF SCHOOL: 150 S. Alexandria Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90,004

MAILING ADDRESS: Bulgarian School IVAN VAZOV – BulgariCA, PO BOX 291,661, LOS ANGELES, CA 90,029; Tel: 1-213-272-0568 Fax :1-323-953-3555; email:, bulgarica @ gmail . com; web: